Day 37: Last day in London…bit by a duck!

Some hippie with the birds!


Last day in London!!!! 😦 Oh why has this day come. Well I woke up and went for my last little job in Hyde Park. I then went back to my place and packed. We then had class and afterwards we discussed our Paris plans. We leave tomorrow at 5:30 am!!! After we finished talking I hoped on the tube and headed towards Baker Street. When I arrived I met up with my friend and we went to the park! There was a pond next to this park and in this pond were a ton of swans and ducks!!!! I took my granola bar out of my bag and fed it to them!! One of the ducks hopped out of the water and ate slash bit the food from my hand!! It was so great. After my friend and I headed back to the tube station and said bye. I just think its so lame having to say goodbye to all of my friends.

This bird ate from my hand!

I then went over by the Tower Bridge to visit a friend at work! We then got on the underground and headed over to the church. We were greeted by the missionaries and I had to say my goodbyes. Afterwards I headed over to the theater where I watched a production of The Tempest! It was pretty good but sadly enough I was sleepy during the performance. Afterwards we all climbed up a hill and saw the most incredible view of London. We all took turns showing off our talents and it was great fun. When all the fun was over we hopped on the underground and headed home. We stopped by testco and I ended up spending 10 pounds on chocolate for my family! I can’t wait to see them Saturday! Well time to finish packing, Goodnight!

Last night with the gang!

Tip of the Day: A good friend once told me that it’s not goodbye but I’ll see you soon!


Day 35 & 36: Baptism in London Town!!! WoooHoo!

Lunch time!


Monday morning! I woke up to my sister calling me on skype, oh I love you! I went to class and then afterwards I headed over to the church where I talked to the sister missionaries. They invited me to come back at 3:30pm to help teach Juan about missionary work. I happily agreed!!! I then went to lunch with my good friend and we enjoyed some delicious Nando chicken! YUMMY! We then went to the church and helped teach Juan. I just love these sisters so much and I am so grateful for all that they do. I then said my goodbyes and went to the Globe Theater to see a production of The Taming of the Shrew! It was so amazing! I just think the Globe is FABUOUS!

Hyde Park Visitor Center!

Afterwards I headed home and a friend from church came over to give me a blessing. I can not tell you what a blessing means to me. My father has always been there for me and I was so grateful to have a friend there when I needed it. I will miss London very much and I know that I have grown so much from this experience. I thank everyone who has helped me this far and I have one day left!

Tip of the day: Be with the people you love!



Oh glorious Sunday! Today I woke up super early and headed back to London on a train! I got home just in time for church and I jetted on over! There was a ton of hustle and bustle because my new friend Juan was getting baptized today!!!!! I said my hellos to everyone and headed into sacrament. My close guy friends were in charge of blessing it and I am just so grateful for them. I sat next to an investigator and it was really cool to hear what he thought of the talks. I then went to my classes and learned a ton of fantastic things!


As soon as church was over we all gathered into the chapel and prepared for our dear friend to be baptized. Watching the baptism and confirmation was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The Spirit was just so strong and it was beautiful to see this person so happy. We heard the testimonies of many people and I can honestly say this moment alone was enough to make my trip. After we gathered into the kitchen and ate some amazing enchiladas that Sister Tabor made! YUM!!!! I then went to my friend’s house and we watched a movie. It was really fun and I am just so grateful for the fantastic friendships I have made here. On the way home I got lost on the bus! SO SCARY!!!! I eventually made it home and am here to tell the tale. Another amazing Sunday and many more to come!

My Boys!

Tip of the Day: Love the life you live


Day: 33 & 34 Did someone say KARAOKE AND ROLLERCOASTER?

Dinner with the girls!


Hello possibly one of the best days EVER!!! Today Ally and I went around the corner to get a good ole English breakfast! It was so good! We then hopped on a train to Brighton and when we got there we walked over to the BEACH!!! It was beautiful but this beach was unlike anything I have ever seen before. This beach was covered in rocks and there wasn’t sand anywhere! It kinda hurt to walk around barefoot but it was defiantly worth it! Ally and I then went on the pier and saw the most incredible thing. A HUGE ROLLERCOASTER!!! Oh man, we got out money out and got in line. We were so nervous but even more excited! We got in our chairs and it set off! The view was incredible and we just loved it!

Afterwards we found a karaoke bar and decided it was time to sing our hearts out. We got up on stage and sang Wannabe by Spice Girls!! Oh yes!! It was super fun and then after we danced while others sang. We met a group of special needs kids and danced with them. It was super fun! We then saw a group of 50 guys come in and half of them were dressed up in costumes. Turns out the guys were having a huge work slash play party. Of course we met them and PARTY ROCKED it up!!!! It was so fun dancing with them all and after a while we decided it was time to grab a bite to eat. We went to a crepe place and I ordered a nutella and nut crepe. Can you say amazing!?! We then walked around and headed back to the train station. We went back to Chichester and then we all went to a pub for dinner. We had a great time but Topeher and I decided it was time to find a dance party! We found 3 and it was great fun! Well I am quite tired form all the dancing today so goodnight everyone. PS I’ll be home in one week! AHHH!!!

Ocean of Rocks!

Fun on the Pier!

Karaoke Bar!

Tip of the day: Just dance!


Hello Everyone! Today was quite a busy day and it was full of traveling! We all woke up super early and went to Chichester on a train! It was a sweet ride and when we arrived we dropped all of our things off. We then headed over to the college where we watched their school do a scene from their play. After our students did a scene called Waiting director Nick Grissont! They did FABULOUS! Seriously it was soooo funny! We then all headed over to a sweet little restaurant called Nandos! I went to order a mushroom burger and guess what they brought me…..A GIANT MUSHROOM BURGER!!!!! There was no meet on it! I went over and they gave me some Chicken! SCORE!!! We then scarffed down our food and were ready for desert. I got the most heavenly cheesecake ever… WHITE CHOCOLATE CARMEL!!!! OH BABY!!!!! We then went to the theater and saw the play Kiss me Kate! I loved it so dang much! I am going now going to buy the cd because of this production! Afterwards my friend and I went to a club and danced CRAZY!!!! It was a blast and I love dancing so much! I then went back to the hotel where I enjoyed a great with my friend Ally! Well Im off to bed so  goodnight!

The set for Kiss me Kate!

Tip of the Day: Order the pricey cheesecake!

Day 31: Picnic on Tower Bridge and playing in fountians!

The Amazing Tower Bridge!


Happy Birthday MuM!!!! Oh dear mother if you are reading this I just wanted to say have a wonderful day! Well today was quite eventful! First of all I woke up, went for a run in the park, and then had class. Afterwards I hopped on the underground and went to lunch with a friend. We had chicken and chips! YUM! I just have to say I look up to my friend so much! She has a business woman job, has finished college, wears cute clothes everyday and she’s only 23!!! WOW! I want to be her! Anyway I then went walking around and I stumbled upon a cute little out door clothes market. I bought something really cool for my dad and then I saw a ton of super cute clothes! I looked around for a bit but this creepy dude kept following me, turns out he worked there. LOL! I then bought a shirt and went happily on my way!

I then met up with a friend and we went on Tower Bridge! It was so beautiful and the coolest part about it was that we got to sit on the edge and eat sandwiches. We then walked around the city and saw all the tall buildings! We then went to institute and listened to the fantastic speaker. We then headed over to the grocery store where I bought some food for the sister missionaries (I’m bringing them grub on Sunday)! It was such an amazing day and I am truly so grateful for every single person I have met here. I know I have made life long friends and that this is where I need to be right now. I love you all and miss you! Goodnight!

PS Im 20 in a week!!! AHHH!!!

I Love London!

Out door market!

Okay I had to play in the fountain!

Tip of the Day: Partying late is okay when your leaving in less than a week!

Day 30: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

Sweeney Todd!!!


Crazy play day!!! So today I woke up pretty early and went on a nice jog. I then did my little routine and went to class. After we went on the underground and went to see Sweeny Todd! It was so FANTASTIC! I just love the music and the acting was FABULOUS!!! The actress who played Miss Lovettes was the woman in Harry Potter that wore all PINK! All of the actors were truly amazing and i would suggest seeing it! Afterwards we went to Gregg’s and got some Steak pies, word of advise, don’t eat meet pies after seeing Sweeney Todd! We then walked around the area and took a ton of pictures! We all hoped back on the underground and went to another theater where we saw Comedy of Errors!!! Oh Shakespeare play I love you! I had a great time and it was very entertaining.

WE all then headed home and along the way I made a friend. This lady was blind and a famous piano slash violin player. I just think she is incredible and such an inspiration. Seriously she plays two instruments professionally and can’t even see! What’s my excuse? I really enjoyed speaking with her and she gave me a flyer to her concert. I then headed home and skyped a friend, which is always fun! PS if anyone wants to skype hit me up on facebook! Well tomorrow is going to be a very adventure day so I must sleep. Goodnight!!

Picture time!!

My Apartment!

I love the view from my window!

Tip of the day: Seriously don’t eat meat pies after that play! YUCK!

Day 29: Food and Food. Oh yes and a bit of Shakespeare!

The view walking to the Globe Theater!


Hola America! So today was a pretty productive day, well it started out that way. I woke up, went for a jog, practiced my Rosetta stone, did some homework and had class. See what I mean….pretty productive!

We all then hoped on the underground and set out to Sir John Soane’s Museum! It was really cool to see all of his sculptures and paintings! He is very talented and his house was just BEAUTIFUL! I would have taken pictures but it was forbidden. Ally and I then took off and decided to look for some food and it wasn’t to long before we found some fresh raspberries for only 1 POUND! OH YEAH!!! We were both so proud of ourselves for being healthy, we were so proud that we decided to reward ourselves with some nice jumbo burritos! They were absolutely amazing! After we decided to go to the grocery store, okay I know what you are thinking. You are thinking DANG THESE GIRLS EAT A LOT OF FOOD! Well you are right but at least we know we have this problem.

We then hopped on the underground and went to The Globe Theater. We were grounding lings so we got to stand up around the stage. I was so close to the action, so close that I got spit on! YES! There were so many times when the actors were less that 2 feet from me and it was pretty awesome! After Ally and I ran home and did some cool tricks like back flips off of trees and stuff like that! Well everyone my London journey is ending soon, only 10 more days!

On the bridge!

The Globe Theater!!!!

The stage!

After the show!

Tip of the Day: Don’t back away from the action, embrace it!